Percutaneous Injection of Radiopaque Gelified Ethanol for the Treatment of Lumbar and Cervical Intervertebral Disk Herniations

Experience and Clinical Outcome in 80 Patients

X M. Bellini, D.G. Romano, S. Leonini, I. Grazzini, C. Tabano, M. Ferrara, P. Piu, L. Monti, and A. Cerase


BACKGROUNDANDPURPOSE: Chemonucleolysisrepresentsaminimallyinvasivepercutaneoustechniquecharacterizedbyanintradis- kal injection of materials under fluoroscopic or CT guidance. Recently, a substance based on radiopaque gelified ethanol has been introduced. The purpose of this study was to describe the indications, procedure, safety, and efficacy of radiopaque gelified ethanol in the percutaneous treatment of cervical and lumbar disk herniations

Click below link for pdf: 9-AJNR-13-Nov_-2014

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