Retrospective Comparison of Clinical Effects of Discogel® Radiopaque Gelified Ethanol Application in Chronic Pain Related to Cervical Disc HerniaRetrospective Comparison of Clinical Effects of Discogel


CONCLUSION Cervical discogel application involves the injection of gelified ethanol (alcohol)(2) into bulging part of the herniating intervertebral disc. Gel contains alcohol which does not go out of the disc and alcohol causes hernia to dry. By this way, it decreases the compression on spinal cord and nerve roots.(2) We think that Discogel® Radiopaque Gelified Ethanol application is a technique which decreases pain scores, the degree of neuropathic pain and functional status of the patients who have the symptoms of chronic pain and weakness on the neck, shoulders and ar

Serbülent Gökhan BEYAZ, Ali Metin ÜLGEN,Mehmet Fatih YÜCE Sakarya University Medical School, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Sakarya,Turkey

Serbülent Gökhan BEYAZ, Ali Metin ÜLGEN, Mehmet Fatih YÜCE

Submitted on 27/04/2015
Sakarya University Medical School

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